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Mail-Order Bride - Martha's Latest Novel

When John Edwards reaches the age where he desires to settle down with a wife and a family, no females of marriageable age are available in Riverrun, so he advertises in a tabloid. He corresponds with a possible candidate, and when she arrives, finds her most satisfactory. But in addition to wealth and passion, she brings secrets, complications, and dangerous entanglements.

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Mail-Order Bride is now available as an e-book exclusively from Amazon (Kindle).

E-Books Available from Amazon

Martha has an Amazon author page and all her romance novels are available as e-books at Amazon (Kindle).  Wife on a Wager, Mail-Order Bride, Hands on Love, and This Business of Love are exclusive to Amazon. These books are available for purchase or through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

E-Books Available through Smashwords

Some of Martha's novels are also available as e-books from Smashwords and from retailers and subscription services to whom Smashwords distributes, including Barnes and Noble (Nook), Apple (iPad/iPhone),  and Kobo.